The acquisitive–conservative axis of leaf trait variation emerges even in homogeneous environments

Publicado en Annals of Botany

Lucas D. Gorné, Sandra Díaz, Vanessa Minden3, Yusuke Onoda, Koen Kramer, Christopher Muir,  Sean T. Michaletz, Sandra Lavorel, Joanne Sharpe, Steven Jansen, Martijn Slot Eduardo Chacon Gerhard Boenisch

Año de publicación 2020


Proyecto SGP-HW090


The acquisitive/conservative axis of plant ecological strategies results in a pattern of leaf trait covariation that captures the balance between leaf construction costs and plant growth potential. Studies evaluating trait covariation within species are scarcer, and have mostly dealt with variation in response to environmental gradients. Little work has been published on intraspecific patterns of leaf trait covariation in the absence of strong environmental variation.