Measuring water security in Asia and the Pacific

Publicado en Asian Development Bank Outlook national water security index.School: Asian Development Bank 

Thapa, B., Varady, R.G. and Scott, C.A.

Año de publicación 2014




Proyecto CRN3056


Creating improvements in water security will not happen without committed leadership by politicians, water sector professionals, and leaders of civil society. The data and tools presented in AWDO 2013 provide a basis for measuring the effect of actions to drive increases in water security for individuals, economies, environments, and nations. Coordinated action requires a shared vision, motivated actors, and creation of momentum fueled by knowledge and determination to achieve a secure water future in Asia and the Pacific. Leaders and civil society will have to take deliberate steps to address areas of poor performance otherwise, water security will not be increased. AWDO 2013 indicates the areas in which leaders can initiate action to put their countries on a path to greater water security. The AWDO indicators can help leaders choose actions that will bring about a more water-secure future for all in Asia and the Pacific. Because of the critical role of governance, water security has become as much a choice as a goal.