Utilization of satellite images to understand the dynamics of Pampas shallow lakes

Publicado en Revista de Teledetección, no. 46:133

Aliaga, V.S., Ferrelli, F., Bohn, V.Y. and Piccolo, M.C.

Año de publicación 2016
DOI https://doi.org/10.4995/raet.2016.5196

Insituto Argentino de Oceanografía (CONICET), Argentina, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina



Proyecto CRN3038


The aim of this study was to analyze satellite images of different spatial resolutions to interpret the morphometric behavior of six shallow lakes of the Pampas, Argentina. These are characterized by having different rainfall regimes. Morphometric response considering each location, site conditions and dry and wet extreme events is analyzed. Standardized Precipitation Index (IEP) for determination of wet, dry and normal years was used. This analysis showed that the Pampas shallow lakes do not behave in the same way to the rainfall events. Its origin, socio-economic use and rainfall patterns affect their spatiotemporal variation and morphometric.