Rural land planning: concepts, methods and experiences

Editors: José M. Paruelo, Esteban G. Jobbágy, Pedro Laterra, Hernán Dieguez, M. Agustina García Collazo and Amalia Panizza
(in Spanish)

The IAI at UNFCCC COP-20 in Lima, Peru

The Lima 2014 Declaration on Biodiversity and Climate Change and the Statement of the Conference of the Parties of the IAI to UNFCCC CoP-20 on climate change adaptation in Latin America

IPBES Call for nomination of experts

The Chair of IPBES has called for nominations for experts for: 1) the regional and sub-regional assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services (Deliverable 2b); 2) the thematic assessment of land degradation and restoration (Deliverable 3bi); 3) the scoping for a global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services.