The IAI Transdisciplinary Academy


A transdisciplinary science and policy community

to address global environmental change in the Americas 



Program Overview

Transdisciplinary is a reflective research process that brings together diverse perspectives from different academic disciplines and non-academic collaborators (e.g. practitioners, indigenous and local communities, resource managers, etc.) to co-create research goals for a holistic understanding of the issues and develop novel solutions.

The IAI TD Academy provides training on Transdisciplinary Science (TD) approaches and skills to advance knowledge and practice of global environmental change research and to inform decision-making in the public and private sectors. The academy will also facilitate sharing information, best practices, and regional dialogue.

Addressing the complexity of global environmental change requires effective communication and collaboration among scientists, decision-makers, and affected communities across the region. The IAI promotes international cooperation, full and open exchange of scientific information, and the development of TD capacities across the science-policy interface to support the vision of a sustainable Americas. The IAI TD Academy builds upon the institute’s previous experience in organizing transdisciplinary training events and seminars, as well as the publications and training materials developed by the transdisciplinary research networks supported by the IAI.

Please see the recordings and materials of our TD course in Climate, Environment and Health here:

You will also find recordings of our TD webinars in the IAI's YouTube channel: