MOOC: Climate change in Latin America

The course will be in Spanish Register at The main contribution of the MOOC on ...
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Biodiversity and climate change in the Tropical Andes

Scientists, decision-makers, representatives from communities and NGOs worked together in this IAI-managed project to increase our understanding of the impacts ...
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IAI graduate students and young professional form their own network

The IAI, in over 20 years of funding collaborative research throughout the Americas, has generated many networks led by principal ...
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Rio Nuevo – Scientific documentary

In a dry region in which surface water course were unknown, new rivers started to appear. In just three decades ...
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Interdisciplinary Center for Responding to climate change and variability: science-policy and science-society linkages

During the past forty years, mankind has witnessed unimaginable progress in all science disciplines. However, the effective contribution of such ...
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IAI and ICSU at the 1st UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in NY

New ideas and frameworks at the science-policy interface for Agenda 2030 This week, the IAI is part of the delegation ...
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IAI at UNFCCC 8th Research Dialogue of SBSTA-44

IAI participated in the UNFCCC Eighth Research Dialogue (RD8) of SBSTA-44 in Bonn, Germany. IAI has been one of the ...
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IAI is a partner of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network (BES-Net)

BES-Net ( is a capacity building “network of networks” that promotes dialogue among science, policy and practice for more ...
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The evolution of interdisciplinarity over 20 years of global change research by the IAI

Global change is pervasive, cutting across human and natural systems. Global change research aiming to comprehend the feedbacks within and ...
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3 publications to help small coffee growers face global change successfully

A booklet, a policy brief and a poster contain information on how to adapt to climate and global changes, good ...
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Improving preparedness to extreme natural hazards events in Lake Atitlán region: a bottom-up approach

Principal Investigator: Elia Machado – Lehman College, City University of New York (CUNY), USA Participating countries: Guatemala, USA Seed grant: ...
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