Maria Claudia Guezala

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Maria Claudia Guezala

Virology and Emerging Infections Department-Naval Medical Research Unit – 6, Peru
IAI Project: Effects of anthropogenic habitat perturbation on rodent population dynamics and risk of rodent-borne diseases (CRN 3076)

Dr. Guezala works in public health and her work on the Taenia solium epidemiology was awarded the “Pedro N. Acha” Award for Veterinary Public Health by the PAHO on year 2002. She has a particular interest in disease ecology, infection dynamics and the application of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and modeling tools to disease distribution studies. She has around 10 years of experience in the study of zoonotic diseases, especially parasitic and vector borne.

She’s currently a research scientist working in epidemiology of zoonotic and vector borne diseases at the Virology and Emerging Infections Department-Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU-6). Dr. Guezala coordinates different studies and is also in charge of disease spatial analysis, including Ecological niche modeling for species distribution. She’s a guest lecturer in the Veterinary Sciences Master’s program from San Marcos University and in other programs in San Marcos and Cayetano Universities as well, focusing in geographic distribution of diseases.