1st Collaborative Research Network Program (CRN 1)

The idea behind the first round of the Collaborative Research Network Program (CRN 1), 1999-2006 was that effectively addressing regional global change issues requires the development of an active scientific network that crosses international boundaries.

The CRN program was created to help develop networks of scientists and scientific institutions working together in an integrated fashion on a common global change issue of regional importance. 14 projects were funded under this program.


CRN# Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participating Countries Budget (US$)
001 Biogeochemical cycles under land use change in the semiarid Americas HOLM TIESSEN htiessen_AT_dir.iai.int Canada University of Saskatchewan Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela 818,000
003 The assessment of present; past and future climate variability in the Americas from treeline environments BRIAN H. LUCKMAN luckman_AT_uwo.ca Canada University of Western Ontario Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, USA 820,000
009 Cattle; land use and deforestation in Amazonia: a comparative analysis of Brazil and Peru CHARLES H. WOOD cwood_AT_latam.ufl.edu USA University of Florida Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, USA 658,284
012 The effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: a comparison across the Americas OSVALDO E. SALA Osvaldo_Sala_AT_brown.edu Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela 819,826
026 Enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation in natural ecosystems as an added perturbation due to ozone depletion MARIA VERNET mvernet_AT_ucsd.edu USA Scripps Institution of Oceanography Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, USA 820,000
031 ENSO disaster risk management in Latin America: a proposal for the consolidation of a regional network for comparative research; information and training from a social perspective ALLAN LAVELL allan_lavell_AT_yahoo.com Costa Rica Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, USA 808,920
038 Multi-objective study of climate variability for impact mitigation in the trade convergence climate complex region MARIA DEL PILAR CORNEJO DE GRUNAUER jgrunaue_AT_ecua.net.ec. pcornejo_AT_goliat.espol.edu.ec Ecuador Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, USA 809,600
040 Comparative studies of global change effects on the vegetation of two tropical ecosystems: the high mountain and the seasonal savanna JUAN F SILVA ARMAS juan_silva004_AT_hotmail.com jsilva_AT_ula.ve Venezuela Universidad de los Andes Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, USA, Venezuela 552,000
047 AARAM: Andean Amazon rivers analysis and monitoring MICHAEL E MCCLAIN michael.mcclain_AT_fiu.edu USA Florida International University Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, USA 788,830
048 Diagnostics and prediction of climate variability and human health impacts in the tropical Americas ULISSES CONFALONIERI uconfalonieri_AT_gmail.com pmags_AT_ensp.fiocruz.br Brazil Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, USA, Venezuela 799,498
055 Development of a Collaborative Research Network for the study of regional climate variability and changes; their prediction and impact in the MERCOSUR area MARIO NESTOR NUÑEZ mnunez_AT_cima.fcen.uba.ar Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, USA 819,180
061 SACC: An international consortium for the study of global and climate changes in the western South Atlantic EDMO J.D. CAMPOS edmo_AT_usp.br Brazil Universidade de Sao Paulo Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, USA 819,000
062 Comparative studies and assessment of the impacts of global change on the pelagic and near-shore ecosystems of the North and South Pacific eastern boundary currents TIMOTHY M. BAUMGARTNER tbaumgar_AT_cicese.mx Mexico Centro de Investigacion Cientifica y de Educacion Superior de Ensenada Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, USA 820,000
073 Climate variability and its impacts in the Mexican Central American and Caribbean region VICTOR O. MAGAÑA RUEDA victormr_AT_servidor.unam.mx Mexico Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA 293,300