3rd Initial Science Program (ISP3)

ISP# Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participating Countries Budget (US$)
3011 Training and education in the context of the LBA Experiment CARLOS A. NOBRE carlos.nobre_AT_inpe.br Brazil Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais Brazil, Peru, USA, Venezuela 100,000
3018 Effects of species and functional diversity on ecosystem function: A comparison between Arctic Tundra and a Temperate Grasslands/Shrubland System SANDRA MYRNA DIAZ sdiaz_AT_com.uncor.edu Argentina Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Argentina, USA, Venezuela 116,000
3019 The impact of accelerated sea level rise on nutrient cycling and productivity in karst and deltaic ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Area: ecological and socioeconomic implications JOHN W. DAY JR. ceiday_AT_unix1.sncc.lsu.edu USA Louisiana State University Mexico, USA, Venezuela 116,000
3022 Benefits of incorporating ENSO forecasts into reservoir operation and hydroelectric power distribution procedures PETER WAYLEN prwaylen_AT_geog.ufl.edu USA University of Florida Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, USA 117,000
3029 UNAM-UCR-NCAR tutorial on regional weather and climate modeling for Latin America THOMAS T. WARNER warner_AT_ucar.edu USA National Center for Atmospheric Research Costa Rica, Mexico, USA 27,000
3030 Applications of multiple lead-time climate predictions in the region of Central America and the Caribbean HENRY F. DIAZ henry.f.diaz_AT_noaa.gov USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Costa Rica, Mexico, USA 81,000
3032 Variations in spatial and temporal precipitation patterns in the Trade convergence region MARIA CONCEPCION DONOSO mcdonoso_AT_bellsouth.net mcdonoso_AT_hotmail.com Panama Centro del Agua del Trópico Húmedo para América Latina y el Caribe Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Sri Lanka, USA 103,000
3041 Estimation of ENSO effects on sugar cane yields in several Latin-American countries ANGEL UTSET SUASTEGUI utset_AT_main.isch.edu.cu Cuba Instituto Superior de las Ciencias Agrícolas de Habana Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela 30,000
3051 Global change effects on biogeochemical and hydrological determinants of structure and function in Cerrado ecosystems AUGUSTO CESAR FRANCO acfranco_AT_unb.br Brazil Universidade de Brasilia Argentina, Brazil, USA 116,200
3076 Relationships between the Antarctic Vortex dynamics; chemistry; ozone depletion and southern midlatitude stratosphere and upper troposphere PABLO O. CANZIANI pocanziani_AT_gmail.com Argentina Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas Argentina, Uruguay, USA 117,000
3077 A regional assessment of landuse impact on ecosystem function and structure in temperate areas of North and South America JOSE M. PARUELO paruelo_AT_agro.uba.ar Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, USA 116,200
3082 Spawning habitat of small pelagic fish in relation to ENSO and global change DAVID M. CHECKLEY JR. dcheckley_AT_ucsd.edu USA Scripps Institution of Oceanography Chile, Mexico, Peru, USA 117,000
3089 An international study on the health effects of ENSO in the Americas ULISSES CONFALONIERI uconfalonieri_AT_gmail.com pmags_AT_ensp.fiocruz.br Brazil Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz Argentina, Brazil, USA 87,300
3130 Earth system and global change education workshops: building IAI capacity with a science and education network DONALD R. JOHNSON donj_AT_ssec.wisc.edu USA Universities Space Research Association Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, USA 117,000
3132 Comparative assessment of agricultural uses of ENSO-based climate forecasts in Argentina; Mexico and Costa Rica JAMES W. JONES jwj_AT_agen.ufl.edu USA University of Florida Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA 117,000
3134 Natural and anthropogenic controls on the hydrology and biogeochemistry of a mesoscale Andean Amazon River catchment: integrating Andean Systems into basinwide investigation CARLOS A. LLERENA callerena_AT_lamolina.edu.pe Peru Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Peru, USA 117,000