IAI SciTalks

The SciTalks are on-demand scientific presentations featuring research that address compelling scientific and global health questions, followed by a panel discussion with experts in science and policy. They are a product of the discussions of the IAI COVID Working Group.

The topics cover cutting-edge research advances, tools and directions as well as big picture conversations at the intersection of global change research, medicine and society and how interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research can help guide policy and decisions to result in fewer health crises and chronic diseases.

The SciTalks were organized through three webinars. The recordings are available here to watch clicking on the titles below:


25 February 2021, 11 am MVD time (in English only) Food security and oceans during COVID: A case study from the Galápagos:










26 March 2021, 11 am MVD time: Confluence of a pandemic with climate change and the results of deforestation 

2 April 2021, 11 am MVD time: Nature-Based Solutions and Zoonoses


The IAI SciTalks were made possible in collaboration with: