International Mobility Research Fellowship Program for Latin American and Caribbean early-career scientists on past global changes






Contribute to the development of collaborative research and the promotion of paleoscience networks in Latin America and the Caribbean

IAI-PAGES call 2022




IAI-PAGES 2021-2022 Fellows:

 Name and Home Institution


 Host Institution and country

 Marcos Emanuel Echeverría

 (Mar del Plata National  University)


 Geosciences Center, National   Autonomous University of   Mexico, Mexico

 Matías Crisitan Baranzelli

 (Universidad Nacional de   Córdoba)


 Biology Institute, National   Autonomous University of   Mexico, Mexico

 Mónica Vicente Calani

 (Universidad Autónoma   Gabriel Rene Moreno, Santa   Cruz)


 Argentine Institute of Nivology,   Glaciology and Environmental   Sciences/ National Council for   Scientific and Technical     Research, Mendoza,  Argentina.

 Patricia De Sena Piacsek   Borges

 (Federal Fluminense   University)


 Geosciences Center, National   Autonomous University of   Mexico, Mexico

 Paul Szejner Sigal

 (Universidad Nacional   Autónoma de México)


 Center for Climate and   Resilience Research (CR)2,   Chile