Information for participants Meeting of CRN 3 Researchers

Meeting of CRN 3 Researchers

29 November – 1 December 2017 – Cancun, Mexico

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Special issue

Proposal for a special issue in a peer-reviewed journal

Project presentations

Nnet: Nitrogen cycling in Latin America: drivers, impacts and vulnerabilities – CRN 3005

Topi-Dry: Enhancing knowledge exchange for conservation and management of tropical dry forests in the Americas – CRN 3025

Towards usable climate science: Informing decisions and provision of climate services to the agriculture and water sectors of southeastern South America – CRN 3035

LUCIA: Land use, climate and infections in Western Amazonia – CRN 3036

SAFER: Sensing the Americas’ freshwater ecosystem risk from climate change – CRN 3038

Innovative science and influential policy dialogues for water security in the arid Americas – CRN 3056

VOCES: Variability of ocean ecosystems around South America – CRN 3070

RAICES: Effects of anthropogenic habitat perturbation on rodent population dynamics and risk of rodent-borne diseases – CRN 3076

Assessment of marine ecosystem services at the Latin-American Antares time-series network – CRN 3094

BEST-P: Bridging ecosystem services and territorial planning, a southern South American initiative – CRN 3095

Advancing good practices in building interdisciplinarity: moving towards user-oriented science – CRN 3101

Interdisciplinary science team skill building through the study of socio-ecological impacts from bioenergy development across the Americas – CRN 3105

Transferring climate knowledge at the science-policy interface for adaptation to drought in Uruguay – CRN 3106

Interdisciplinary research to improve information provision for decision making – CRN 3107

Coping with hydrological risk in megacities: Collaborative planning framework for the Mexico City Metropolitan Area – CRN 3108