Meetings of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research


Antigua, Guatemala

18 to 22 June 2018



26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties

Welcome message
by the National Secretary of Science and Technology of Guatemala
Dr. Oscar Manuel Cóbar Pinto(More…)

The 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties will be held in Antigua, Guatemala from 20 to 21 June 2018. Other meetings back to back with CoP-26 include the 45th and 46th meetings of the IAI Executive Council, the joint meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Science-Policy Advisory Committee and the meeting of the Belmont Forum.

The upcoming CoP-26 and EC meetings will be devoted to a number of important programmatic issues such as the conclusion of the third round of the Collaborative Research Network (CRN3) and elaboration of the IAI’s flagship program’s fourth round (CRN4) and selection of pre-proposals of the Small Grants Program on the role of Ecosystem Services in Adaptation to Global Change for Human Well-Being.

Furthermore, CoP-26 will deliberate on pivotal issues regarding the implementation of the Tripartite Agreement, the IAI strategic vision, plan and the future work program of the IAI such as the Open data policy and principles, the long-term funding strategy, long-term communication strategy and plan and enhancing activity of IAI Party representatives.

The IAI is grateful to the Government of Guatemala for its support of the CoP and EC meetings and for its warm hospitality.


Notification 2018/011: 26th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties and tragic events in Guatemala, 5 June 2018 EnglishSpanish

Communication on the volcanic eruption by the Guatemalan National Council for Science and Technology (CONCYT), 5 June 2018 Spanish