2nd Small Grant Program (SGP 2)

SGP# Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participating countries Budget (US$)
2002 The impact of global changes on seagrasses along the Americas EVAMARIA W. KOCH koch_AT_hpl.umces.edu USA University of Maryland Brazil, Mexico, USA 29,978
2006 Inter-American Nitrogen Network ROBERT W. HOWARTH rwh2_AT_cornell.edu USA Cornell University Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA, Venezuela 30,000
2015 Airborne transport of aerosols into the South Atlantic Ocean: assessment of sources; horizontal fluxes; iron fertilizing potential and impact on climate DIEGO GAIERO dgaiero_AT_com.uncor.edu Argentina Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Argentina, Brazil, USA 30,000
2016 The effects of increasing urbanization and agricultural intensification on land cover and carbon budgets in subtropical America RICARDO GRAU chilograu_AT_gmail.com Argentina Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico 30,000
2025 Understanding the ecological, biophysical and human dimensions of tropical dry forests: A regional workshop ARTURO G. SANCHEZ AZOFEIFA arturo.sanchez_AT_ualberta.ca Canada University of Alberta Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, USA, Venezuela 30,000
2026 Coastal Ecosystems of the South American Region (CESAR): An integrated satellite data management and distribution system OSVALDO ULLOA Q. oulloa_AT_profc.udec.cl Chile Universidad de Concepción Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, USA, Venezuela 30,000
2030 Can cities reduce global warming? Urban development and the carbon cycle in Latin America PATRICIA ROMERO LANKAO prlankao_AT_ucar.edu Mexico Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Argentina, Chile, Mexico 30,000
2033 Assessing the resilience and dynamics of coral reef populations: a workshop for targeted research on recruitment dynamics of Meso American reef species PETER F. SALE sale_AT_uwindsor.ca Canada United Nations University Canada, Ireland, Mexico, USA 15,000
2040 Food web structure in two coastal lagoons of the Southern Atlantic Ocean: a comparative study using stable isotopes ratios DANIEL NELSON CONDE SCALONE vladddcc_AT_gmail.com Uruguay Universidad de la República Brazil, Chile, Uruguay 29,739
2053 Effects of bamboo on the diversity; productivity and stability of Amazonian and Atlantic forests NOEL MICHELE HOLBROOK holbrook_AT_oeb.harvard.edu USA Harvard University Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, USA 25,877
2056 Urban mobile emissions in South American megacities (UMESAM) LAURA GALLARDO KLENNER lgallard_AT_dim.uchile.cl Chile Universidad de Chile Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, USA 30,000
2057 Trends in the hydrologic cycle of the Plata Basin: Raising awareness and new tools for water management VICENTE RICARDO BARROS barros_AT_at.fcen.uba.ar Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, USA 30,000
2058 Development of climate-sensitive tree-ring chronologies of Araucaria angustifolia in southeastern South America FIDEL A. ROIG froig_AT_lab.cricyt.edu.ar Argentina Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales Argentina, Brazil, Canada 28,370
2061 Persistent toxic substance fate along latitudinal and vertical gradients in the Americas FRANK WANIA frank.wania_AT_utoronto.ca Canada University of Toronto Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, USA 30,000
2062 Improving climatic risk management for dryland cropping in two regions of South America: a regional workshop to prepare a research proposal AGUSTIN GIMENEZ agimenez_AT_inia.org.uy Uruguay Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay 24,750
2066 Initiating an ARGO program in the Colombian and Mexican Pacific ARMANDO TRASVINA CASTRO trasvi_AT_cicese.mx Mexico Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada Canada, Colombia, Mexico 30,000
2069 Paleo-reconstruction of population dynamics of anchovy and sardine off the Peruvian/northern Chilean coast related to climate shifts during the last 200 years DIMITRI GUTIERREZ AGUILAR dgutierrez_AT_imarpe.gob.pe Peru Instituto del Mar del Perú Chile, Mexico, Peru, USA 30,000
2072 Evaluation of paleo-hurricanes in the Intra-Americas Sea (IAS): a reconstruction and analysis based on proxy records JORGE SANCHEZ SESMA jsanchez_AT_tlaloc.imta.mx Mexico Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua Costa Rica, Mexico, USA 30,000
2074 A re-analysis of Atlantic Basin tropical cyclone database (with an emphasis on Cuban and Mexican landfalling hurricanes) and an update of the estimation of risk from extreme winds; waves and rainfall RICARDO PRIETO GONZALEZ rprieto_AT_tlaloc.imta.mx Mexico Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, USA 30,000
2076 The human dimensions of global environmental change in urban areas of Latin America. A network approach ROBERTO SANCHEZ-RODRIGUEZ roberto.sanchez-rodriguez_AT_ucr.edu USA University of California Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, USA 28,000
2078 Environmental changes in South America in the last 10k years: Atlantic and Pacific controls and biogeophysical effects PEDRO LEITE DA SILVA DIAS pldsdias_AT_model.iag.usp.br Brazil Universidade de Sao Paulo Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela 29,000
2080 Land-ocean interactions in the Caribbean: formulating a research agenda to support regional integrated watershed and marine ecosystem management MICHAEL E MCCLAIN michael.mcclain_AT_fiu.edu USA Florida International University Dominican Republic, Jamaica, USA 29,597