BRICS: Leadership in the Making

Published in In: Kingah S., Quiliconi C. (eds) Global and Regional Leadership of BRICS Countries. Part of the United Nations University Series on Regionalism book series (UNSR, volume 11)

Quiliconi C., Saguier M., Tussie D. 

Publication year 2016
IAI Program


IAI Project crn3101


This chapter first analyses the main topics that emerge in the BRICS agenda and how those topics affect their leadership. Then it explores the intertwined dynamics between power and leadership for these countries. To explore those dynamics the chapter addresses the main challenges that BRICS face first at the domestic level and second at the global level analysing how the BRICS have positioned themselves in the G-20 and the WTO as a proxy of how these countries are playing a common game in the global economic sphere.