Procesos colaborativos en acción: la provisión de servicios climáticos y la elaboración de pronósticos por impacto en el sur de Sudamérica.

Published in Medio ambiente y urbanización, Instituto Internacional de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo IIED-LA, v. 92-93:63-92

Hidalgo, C.

Publication year 2020
IAI Program


IAI Project CRN3035


Being able to anticipate and be prepared to mitigate extreme climatic events such as drought, both in urban and rural areas, involves the articulation of multiple knowledges in collaborative research networks that bring together scientists, scholars, experts, civil servants and stakeholders with experience and commitment. Various interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and intersectoral research projects have already taken important steps in this direction. Based on research carried out by anthropologists, the collaboration dynamics of two of these projects are described, one oriented to the provision of climate services in southern South America and the other to the development of a regional system for monitoring, forecasting and early warning of droughts in the southwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Collaboration, currently integrated around the goal of providing climate services, early warning systems and a drought information system for southern South America, is shown as an expanding and consolidating process in the region.