Sintesis de las tendencias de los parámetros oceanográficos y ópticos en la estación serie de tiempo CARIACO (enero 1996 – diciembre 2013

Published in Memoria de la Fundación La Salle de Ciencias Naturales, v. 74(181)

Astor, Y., Guzmán, L., Troccoli, L., Muller-Karger, L., Muller-Karger, F.

Publication year 2017
IAI Program


IAI Project CRN3094


The variability of different parameters in surface waters at the CARIACO Time Series station, located in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela, was examined between 1996 and 2013. The intensity of upwelling showed changes in time and a decreasing trend related to wind velocity. A significant increase in sea surface temperature of 0.9 °C was observed in 18 years of study. On the other hand, it was observed a descent rate of pH of 0.0024 ± 0.0003 units per year, and an increase in the concentration of dissolved inorganic carbon of 1 ± 0.29 &mumol kg-1 yr-1. In the CARIACO station, there has been also a significant decrease in the concentration of chlorophyll a, primary production, and abundance of phytoplankton, as well as a change in the type of dominant communities. These changes affected optical characteristics of marine waters, which were reflected in the incidence of water with more frequent blue tones than green in the last years of the time series.