The Future of Public Water Governance-Has Water Privatization Peaked?

Published in Water International 37(2):87-90

Scott, C.A. and de-Gouvello, B.

Publication year 2014

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, LEESU - laboratoire Eau, Environnement et Systèmes Urbains


IAI Program


IAI Project CRN3056


The privatization of water supply and institutional restructuring of water management &ndash through decentralization and the penetration of global firms in local and regional markets &ndash have been promoted as solutions to increase economic efficiency and achieve universal water supply and sanitation coverage. Yet a significant share of service provision and water resources development remains the responsibility of public authorities. The papers in this issue &ndash with case evidence from Argentina, Chile, France, the USA, and other countries &ndash address critical questions that dominate the international agenda on public versus private utilities, service provision, regulations, and resource development.