Unraveling transboundary water security in the arid Americas

Published in Water International. Volume 43, 2018 - Issue 8: The Global Water Security Challenge

Tamee R. Albrecht,Robert G. Varady, Adriana A. Zuniga-Teran, Andrea K. Gerlak,Rafael Routson De Grenade, América Lutz-Ley, Facundo Martín, Sharon B. Megdal, Francisco Meza, Diego Ocampo Melgar, Nicolás Pineda, Facundo Rojas, Rossi Taboada & Bram Willems

Publication year 2018
DOI https://doi.org/10.1080/02508060.2018.1541583
IAI Program


IAI Project SGP-CRA005


Transboundary waters are characterized by diverse and complex socio-politico-economic obstacles to effective water management. We examine five distinct cases in the arid Americas &ndash in locations from the US&ndashMexico border to the Andes mountains &ndash employing water security as a conceptual prism to unravel the multiple and varied attributes of transboundary water challenges. We describe how borders complicate water security in arid regions and explore how institutional arrangements and practices &ndash within and across jurisdictions &ndash respond to these challenges. We find that institutional capacity is needed on multiple levels for effective water management, and institutions must be responsive and flexible to change.