A unique window into science diplomacy projects in the region

7 February 2023

As more STeP fellows from the region of the Americas continue to join the IAI’s capacity building program, our community is gaining valuable insight on context-relevant knowledge, tools, and practical skills to tackle transboundary issues of global environmental change (GEC).  


On February 27, 2023, STeP fellows will be presenting on a selection of their hands-on projects related to GEC from the unique angle of science diplomacy. The STeP Science Diplomacy Project Forum is the culmination of the training program for the current 45 STeP fellows from eight countries in the region who worked through 2022 in multidisciplinary teams. 


From conservation, to circular economy, microplastic pollution and green infrastructure, the projects that STeP fellows from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Peru and USA will discuss include unique assessments, strategies and actions related to GEC challenges.


Join us on 27 February  (12:00-14:30 ET/14:00-16:30 UYT) to learn from our STeP fellows! 






Circular economy approaches to wastewater treatment

Leslie Brooks (USA), Nathalia Tejedor (Panama), Osawai John (Barbados), Odiney Alvarez-Campos (USA), Sebastian Riera (Argentina)

Hydrogen for the Americas

Azadeh Maroufmashat (Canada), Vicente Morales (Mexico), Asif Iqbal (Canada), Nikkia McDonald (USA), Matias Goldenberg (Argentina)


Stakeholder Engagement for Sharing Data at the Global Health-Climate Change Nexus

Samim Atmar (USA), Rosario Quintero (Panama), Andréa Nascimento de Araújo (Brazil), Daniel Jimenez Alvarez (Mexico), Shweta Ganapati (Canada) 


"30 X 30" conservation ambition in the Americas and the Science-Diplomacy opportunity for collective implementation

Catarina Ferreira (Canada), Diogo Victor Santos (Brazil), Sofia Nanni (Argentina), Ana Watson (Peru), Cristina Fernandez-Baca (USA), Fernanda de Oliveira Lana (Brazil)


Lifecycle of clean Transportation and Energy/ Mineral sources for climate change mitigation and public health improvement

Alice Grossman (USA), Monica Jimenez (Mexico), Matías Mastrangelo (Argentina), Camilo De Los Rios Rueda  (USA/Colombia)


Microplastic pollution and behaviourally aligned global action

Aline Villarreal (Mexico), Larisse Faroni-Perez (Brazil), Bhuvanesh Awasthi (Canada), Maria Inés Carabajal (Argentina), Anne-Teresa Birthwright (Jamaica)


Assessment of Green Infrastructure in Cities for Climate Change Resilience across LAC

Danielly Godiva Santana Molleta (Brazil), Chante Sanders (Barbados), Ariola Visha (Canada), Alice Ramos de Moraes (Brazil), Gabriela Duarte (Brazil)


Towards a Climate Solidarity? Strategies for Knowledge-Sharing on Climate Justice

Fany Ramos Quispe (Bolivia), Miriam Hird-Younger (Canada), Evvan Morton (USA), Julian Campisi (Canada), Laila Sandroni (Brazil), Anjuli Jain Figueroa (USA)


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