Americas Conference on Solar Radiation Modification: Science, Governance and Implications for the Region


Under the IAI’s Emerging Issues Program, policy makers from the Americas and scientists from around the globe recently convened in Jamaica, Kingston, to discuss Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) and its policy implications. The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (C2G), the Degrees Initiative (formerly the SRM Governance Initiative), the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) and the and the University of the West Indies (UWI), with the support of the United States National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS). The IAI Directorate acknowledges and is grateful for the hosting of the meeting by the Government of Jamaica.


Convening such a diverse audience offered policy makers an unparalleled opportunity to understand SRM, and to discuss the policy implications under different multilateral treaties and organizations. Presentations included a detailed introduction to the concept of SRM, examples of current and possible science –including research in the Americas– and perspectives from other regions. Discussions also addressed the fragmentation of governance at the international level.


The co-organizers stressed that they hold neutral views on whether SRM should ever be used and how it should be governed, and share the belief that a broader and inclusive conversation in the region is needed. This meeting was the first step towards this goal.


IAI Party representatives have advised the IAI Directorate that briefings on the knowledge gained at the meeting have been given at their respective ministries. A full summary on the results of the meeting will be presented to Parties at the 31st meeting of the Conference of the Parties, to be held in Panama in June 2023.


Presentations given by invited experts are available at: We will keep our community updated regarding presentations, meetings or initiatives related to the IAI’s Emerging Issues Program.








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