Dr. Miguel Blesas conversation with Dr. Marcos Regis da Silva about climate change, its consequences and how to deal with it in Latin America.


They focused on the management challenges of Dr. Regis Da Silva as Executive Director of the IAI.

This meeting is posted on the YouTube channel of the Futures Program: https://youtu.be/CGFKp8ZN2J0

Climate change, the advancement of the agricultural frontier and mining in Latin America will be the axes of futures' forthcoming talks dedicated to environmental and development relationships.

This is the first of three talks to be held by Dr. Miguel Blesa of the UNSAM Institute of Environmental Engineering with experts on the subject. 

These meetings anticipate the panels on the protection of the environment and the development of the region that will be held by the "Interscience Association", the Latin American federation that brings together different scientific societies for the advancement of science. ⁣ 

The Interscience program includes the following panels:

-Climate Change (29/4/2021)
-Deforestation and advancement of agricultural borders (29/5/2021)
-Mining (29/6/2021)

The panels can be viewed live on the YouTube channel of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science : https://www.youtube.com/user/canalsbpc

Miguel Blesa is Director of the PhD in Science and Technology Chemical Mention of the Institute of Environmental Research and Engineering of UNSAM (3iA). The 3iA is an academic unit dedicated to undergraduate and graduate teaching and research in all branches of environmental sciences, with an emphasis on engineering. Blesa is also an Academic of the National Academy of Sciences (Córdoba), the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, and the Academy of Sciences of Latin America

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