Dominican Republic

Assefa Melesse

Institution: Florida International University (FIU)

Webpage: - 


Country (ies) of expertise: US, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic

Region (s) of expertise: Caribbean islands, USA, East Africa

Keywords: Hydrology, climate change, remote sensing, sediment transport, water quality, drought modeling, river basin management

IAI themes: -

Languages: English


Kam-biu Liu

Institution: Louisiana State University, Dept. of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences

Webpage: -  


Country (ies) of expertise: U.S.A. (including Puerto Rico), Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic 

Region (s) of expertise: Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean region, Baja California, Central America, Amazonia, Andes

Keywords: Paleotempestology, paleoecology, coastal environmental changes, paleoclimatology, hurricanes, mangroves, sediments, wetlands, lakes, lagoons, ice cores

IAI themes:

Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Climate action

Languages: English


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