Government of Panama will host new headquarters of the IAI Directorate


The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) Directorate is pleased to announce that the Conference of the Parties has approved Panama's proposal to host its new headquarters. The IAI Executive Directorate anticipates that the new headquarters location will support the IAI's mission given Panama's regional and international leadership in the science-policy nexus and its strong connectivity across the Americas and with other continents.  

In addition to thanking Panama for its generosity, the Executive Directorate is grateful to Uruguay for its strong support in hosting the current headquarters for the past 10 years, providing resources that have been instrumental in operating successfully, enabling connections and collaborations with national science and research agencies and cooperation agencies, and fostering collaboration in the Southern Cone region and the Americas.  


The text of the Notification to the Parties is available on the IAI website at: