What are the decision making priorities of countries of the Americas related to global change?

Since 2021, member countries together with the IAI’s advisory committees (SAC/SPAC) and the IAI Directorate have been conducting a regional assessment, to scope and monitor the national and international policy and decision-making landscape on global environmental change. The regional assessment represents fundamental support for the IAI for funding scientific research that is relevant to member countries. So far, we have organized scoping workshops and information sessions on the regional assessment, and have implemented two key assessment activities.

On the one hand, we have surveyed the priorities and needs of member countries through an online survey that was completed by focal points and other national institutions related to global environmental change. This online survey was completed by representatives from 17 of the 19 IAI member countries. On the other hand, we have had 4 sub-regional working sessions in which we surveyed in greater detail the decisions and actions related to global environmental change that member country representatives and advisory committees consider to be priorities for each country and sub-region.

Based on the information gathered, we are working on identifying priority research topics for each country and sub-region, as well as the shared interests and needs among countries, with the objective of promoting alliances and synergies within the region.

The preliminary report is available at: https://www.iai.int/administrador/assets/images/ckfinder/files/Reg%20Assessment%20Interim%20Report_Bilingual_.pdf


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