IAI research is featured in Washington Post 2020 Pulitzer Prize Award Series: 2°C Beyond the limit

Video with the message from Mr. Chris Mooney, Washington Post, winner of the Pulitzer Prize 
Press in Uruguay (Spanish): El País - La Diaria


Researchers: Jeremy Pittman (Canada), Omar Defeo (Uruguay), Alberto Piola and Betina Lomovasky (Argentina), Mauricio Castrejón (Ecuador), Osmar O. Möller Jr. (Brazil)

The work of the research team of the IAI project Small-scale Fisheries and Marine Ecosystem Services: Adaptation and Transformation to Secure Human Wellbeing (SGP-HW 017), is one of the featured stories published by the Washington Post and winner of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting.

The story, Dangerous new ocean hot zones are spreading and affecting local fisheries, published by the Washington Post on 11 September 2019, has increased awareness of the vulnerability of coastal communities as a result of warming ocean temperatures.

Coastal communities that depend on small-scale fisheries for their livelihoods are highly vulnerable to warming ocean temperatures due to the devastating decline of local fisheries. IAI researchers are investigating the impacts of ocean warming in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Uruguay and Argentina, as highlighted in the story.

The Washington Post 12-part series focused on a dozen global hotspots around the world to communicate that climate warming is not a distant threat. They estimated that 10% of the earth has already warmed by more than 2º Celsius.