Learning from the IAI


Yelim Lee recently completed a six-month internship with the IAI Directorate, where she reviewed annual reports of the Small Grants Program with the Science Director, drafted project briefs and produced infographics. She also created a stakeholder map of potential partners for the Belmont Forum Climate, Environment and Health Collaborative Research Action (CEH2), and assisted in the 29th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP-29).

Yelim is from South Korea and is currently in her final year of International Development Studies at Sookmyung Women’s University. She speaks Korean, English, and basic Spanish. She was initially intrigued by the corporate social responsibility and environmental considerations of multinational companies in developing countries. "I had been reading a print newspaper every day to keep up with global news." Later, she broadened her fields of interest to climate change, carbon neutrality, and sustainable development, and realized how important international coordination is among scientific research, policy, and industry to tackle global change.

"The IAI gave me valuable hands-on experience"

Yelim was seeking opportunities to experience this field at the intergovernmental organization-level and found the mission of the IAI suited her well. She was a trainee of the International Environmental Expert Training Program supported by the Korean Ministry of the Environment and gained an opportunity to work for the IAI. "I learned the necessity of transdisciplinary research and international governance through valuable hands-on experience. My internship memories will be a stepping stone to my future career to be an expert in environment and development."

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