Recommendations for a Science Diplomacy strategy for the safeguarding of the Amazon

Prieto, Julian¹, Cumba Garcia, Luz Milbeth², Echeverría-King, Luisa F³., Alarcón-López, Claudia⁴, Benavides, Susan⁵.


The present white paper outlines a comprehensive strategy for the conservation of the Amazon through science diplomacy. It addresses the critical situation of this vital region, highlighting its ecological and cultural importance. This document is the result of a methodology based on two participatory processes, the first being a collaborative exercise within the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI) and the second a focus group with experts in scientific diplomacy from Latin America, along with literature analysis. As a result, they propose a series of practical and feasible recommendations grouped into four categories: 1) transboundary cooperation, 2) strengthening a joint monitoring platform, 3) establishing a Science-Policy Hub, and 4) capacity development. These recommendations are further categorized into public policy instruments: regulatory (R), operational (O), financial (F), and soft (B). An integrated approach that combines research, indigenous knowledge, and international cooperation is suggested, along with other general recommendations, to effectively address the ecological and social challenges facing the Amazon.

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