Research Spotlight: Small Grants Program Reports

Within the framework of the last biannual meeting of the IAI Executive Council, the research teams of the IAI Small Grants Program presented their advances in the areas of: 1) Responding to Regional Climate Crises, 2) Livelihoods, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems, and 3) Stakeholders in TD science and social-ecological systems.

Participating scientists, Liana Anderson and Guilherme Fernandes Marques, from Brazil, Micaela Trimble and Diego Cabrol, from Argentina, Jeremy Pittman and Gabriela Alonso Yánez from Canada, and Lily House-Peters from the United States, addressed different issues of great interest to the region. Study results ranged from the vulnerability to fires in the Amazon region and their increase in recent years in the cross-border area of ​​Peru, Brazil and Bolivia, the "water crisis" in the border areas of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, and the tension that may arise between the demands of hydroelectric power generation and ecosystem services due to global environmental change.

Contributions to concrete solutions were also shared, such as the virtual platform developed by the MapFire project that monitors and alerts the population and local governments about the probability of fires, and a predictive model for the hydroelectric system of the Paraná river basin. Finally, scientist touched upon the topics of ecological resilience in the face of global environmental change and how communities perceive and face climate change.

The links to the presentations of the reports and infographics in Spanish and English are shared below.



Multi-stakeholder adaptation plan to deal with forests under increasing risk of fires (SGP-HW 016), Dr. Liana Anderson -

Transforming water governance in South America: from reaction to adaptation and anticipation (SGP-HW 056), Dr. Micaela Trimble

Artisanal fishing and marine ecosystem services: adaptation and transformation to ensure the human wellbeing (SGP-HW 017), Jeremy Pittman, MD -

Improving floodplain governance in overbuilt river basins (SGP-HW091), Dr. Guilherme Fernandes Marques -

Socio-ecological resilience to global environmental change in heterogeneous territories –building a common platform for research and action (SGP-HW 090), Dr. Diego Cabrol -

Incorporation of local and traditional knowledge systems: new points of view for ecosystem services and transdisciplinary collaborations (SGP-HW 072), Dr. Gabriela Alonso Yanez, Dr. Lily Peters -