Strengthening the nexus of climate change, health, and public policy: Evidence from Lancet Countdown Latin America and the IAI


In this session, organized jointly by the Lancet Countdown Latin America Regional Center and the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI), the 2023 Lancet Countdown Latin America report will be presented for the first time, along with the scientific diplomacy projects developed by Fellows of the IAI's Science, Technology, and Policy Fellowship Program (STeP). We would like to invite national and subnational authorities, academics, NGOs, and journalists to join us. During the event, we will discuss the main findings regarding climate change and health for the region, as well as the importance of generating scientific evidence to inform public policy at the local and regional levels.

About the report

The Lancet Countdown Latin America Report is an annual publication that is part of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change, an international multidisciplinary collaboration tracking progress on global health and climate change. This specific report for Latin America offers a detailed assessment of how climate change is affecting the health of the population in the region, as well as the progress of countries in implementing policies to address these challenges.

About the IAI Science, Technology, and Policy Fellowship Program (STeP): The 2024 STeP Leadership Conference brings together current Fellows (emerging scientific leaders in early career from 11 countries in the Americas) in Guatemala, under this year's theme: Consensus and Inclusion for Informed Decision Making. At this event, Fellows will present their science diplomacy projects.

Date and location:

24 April at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, 15: 00 (GTM-6)

Hybrid event with language interpretation (Spanish-English) available via Zoom (please bring headphones and a phone or computer to connect)