The IAI announces a new initiative to promote the integrated management of sargassum


The IAI will be leading an initiative to develop a project identification form (PIF) under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) on “Promoting the Integrated Management of Sargassum: Building Resilient Tourism and Fisheries Sectors through the Conservation of Marine Ecosystems (SARGMARINE).”


The Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) will fund this work. The initiative promotes the integrated management of sargassum in the Caribbean and Latin America, aligning with national strategies and decisions adopted through multilateral environmental agreements.


It results from the IAI Directorate's efforts to meet requests from Parties to develop initiatives and projects related to sargassum. The initiative aims to structure and prepare a PIF document in coordination with CAF, the University of West Indies, the Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) of UNEP, NOAA, and other relevant partners.


The project beneficiary countries have yet to be confirmed, but country representatives will be involved in developing the PIF. The SARGMARINE project is designed within the strategy framework proposed in the UNEPCEP 2021 Sargassum White paper, which identifies a range of possible interventions and management strategies that may be broadly categorized as either adaptation or mitigation. 


The expected results include the following:

  • Improved planning and response through country-driven monitoring and evaluation initiatives and exposure and vulnerability assessments of sargassum influxes; 
  • Improved forecasting products tailored to tourism and fisheries sectors that support the establishment of national sargassum early warning systems; 
  • Informed decision-making and action through the determination of the feasibility of sargassum valorization as a means of alleviating impacts
  • Policy recommendations for local governments to promote blue-growth initiatives and foster the development of the blue economy.

The project will be highlighted on March 3 at a side event hosted by CAF during the Our Ocean 2023 meeting in Panama City, Panama.


The IAI is grateful for the financial support received from CAF that made this initiative possible. 


For more information, please get in touch with Dr. Anna Stewart Ibarra at