Webinar on Climate and Health (in Spanish)

RedCLARA webinar on Climate and Health offered in Spanish on 11 June at 16:00 GMT via Zoom. RedCLARA and the IAI signed a collaboration agreement in April 2020 to work with regional networks to support science, education, culture and innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this webinar, the speakers from the IAI and NASA shared experiences from transdisciplinary collaborations to advance environmental health applications related to climate variability and climate change.

The IAI Science Director, Dr. Anna M. Stewart Ibarra, presented research conducted in Latin America and the Caribbean in collaboration with the climate and health sectors. These studies are contributing to the development of climate services for the health sector, such as early warning systems for mosquito-borne disease epidemics.

NASA Applied Sciences Program Manager, Dr. Helena Chapman, presented examples on the integration of satellite data that has led to a better understanding of the dynamic changes of aquatic, atmospheric and terrestrial ecosystems and their impact on human health, with a focus on the One Health approach.

Participants learned about the GEO Health community of practice, a global network of governments, organizations, and observers that seeks to use environmental observations to improve health decision-making at the international, regional, country, and district levels.