IAI Newsletter 35/2004

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  1. Editorial &ndash Gustavo V. Necco 
  2. Institutional Information
    1. Nineteenth Meeting of the IAI Executive Council
    2. Forum IAI: Moving forward. 10th Anniversary of the entry into force of the &ldquoMontevideo Declaration&rdquo
    3. Eleventh Meeting of the IAI Conference of the Parties
    4. Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research &ndash Contact List
    5. Activities of the IAI Directorate
    6. Survey on IAI Member countries priorities on global change research
    7. IAI Position Announcement: IAI Director
  3. Scientific Achievements
    1. Some results of the first round of the IAI Small Grant Program
  4. IAI Related programs
    1. The Treatment of Forest Project Activities in the Clean Development Mechanism: the Final Rules and Procedures &ndash Thelma Krug 
    2. International Course &ldquoDevelopment of reforestation and bio-energy projects under the Clean Development Mechanism&rdquo &ndash Daniel Valenzuela 
    3. 6th Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Research Community &ndash Lis Mullin
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Ocean Absorb Half of Industrial CO2 Emissions
    2. Call for Papers: 5th International Scientific Conference on the Global Energy and Water Cycle
  6. Calendar of Events