IAI Newsletter 1/2007

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  1. Editorial &ndash Holm Tiessen
  2. Capacity building: the challenge of intersectional training and networking &ndash Céline Demaret
  3. From training to science and research
  4. The IAI approach to science capacity building in Latin America: one researcher&rsquos experience with a multi-national interdisciplinary grant &ndash Norman E. Breuer
  5. IAI and the changing research paradigms for the 21 century: a view from the researchers &ndash Guillermo Rúa-Uribe and José Azoh Barry
  6. Summer school: impact of global change on land use management in Latin American tropical ecosystems Göttingen, 2006
  7. Scientific knowledge must inform public policies &ndash Dione Nègre
  8. CRN Students&rsquo views of the challenges and opportunities of IAI science &ndash Jorge Luis Vázquez, María Fernanda Cabré, Magalí Hurtado, Alonso Brenes and Adriana Bonilla
  9. Collaborative Regional Global Environmental Change (GEC) Networks in the Americas, a report from the ESSP Conference
  10. Broadening the dialogue
  11. Communication in Risk Management &ndash Gloria Bratschi
  12. IAI and CATHALAC strengthen regional capacity to face climate variability and change &ndash Emilio Sempris
  13. Ecosystems, climate change and human health: building cooperation bridges to strengthen research capacity &ndash Roberto Bazzani
  14. Calendar of Events