IAI Newsletter 1/2008

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  1. Editorial &ndash Holm Tiessen
  2. Integrating and communicating traditional and scientific knowledge within family agriculture systems in NE Brazil &ndash Rômulo Menezes
  3. Helping coffee growers in Mesoamerica cope with global stressors &ndash Edwin Castellanos 
  4. Land use change in the La Plata basin
  5. Developing inter-national science: the Plata Project &ndash Alberto R. Piola and Edmo J.D. Campos 
  6. Things I wish every scientist knew about science journalism &ndash Claudio Angelo 
  7. Dissemination of controversial issues: the case of global warming &ndash Diana Cazaux 
  8. Reliability of internet information &ndash Carlos E. Ereño 
  9. Gibberish and the art of acronyming &ndash Ione Anderson 
  10. Learning to Answer and to Question &ndash IAI editorial team 
  11. Data management and exchange, challenges in a multi-national and multi- disciplinary environment &ndash Chris Scott 
  12. IAI Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
  13. IAI-INSP Workshop / IAI/INPE-CPTEC Internship Program / CRN II-SGP-HD Principal Investigators (PI) meeting
  14. Calendar of Events