IAI Newsletter 2/2008

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  1. Editorial &ndash Gerhard Breulmann
  2. Some thoughts on interdisciplinarity from a CRN PIs perspective &ndash Brian Luckman
  3. IAI and interdisciplinary research &ndash Mike Brklacich
  4. Global change encourages interdisciplinary science &ndash Editorial team
  5. Seasonality and climate change
  6. The cost of risk in the Argentine agribusiness sector  &ndash Jean-Philippe Boulanger and Olga Penalba
  7. Funding interdisciplinary global climate change research
  8. Challenges of interdisciplinarity in universities &ndash Mercedes Bustamante
  9. The new lecturer &ndash Paula Richter
  10. Andean biodiversity: how will climate change it? &ndash Sebastian K. Herzog and Rodney Martinez 
  11. Economic implications of hurricane tracks &ndash Graciela Binimelis de Raga
  12. The meaning of &ldquocoming down the mountain&rdquo &ndash Enrique Schwartz M. 
  13. Applying ecological knowledge to landuse decisions &ndash Editorial team
  14. IAI Scientific Advisory Committee