IAI Newsletter 1/2010

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  1. Editorial &ndash Christopher Martius 
  2. Free exchange of satellite data: the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS) experience &ndash M.Virginia Alves and Marjorie Xavier 
  3. Defining policy options for land use based on scientific insight: Progress in the project on land use, biofuels and rural development in the La Plata Basin
  4. Perceptions, answers and proposals of coffee growers faced with global change in Mesoamerica &ndash Ana Lucía Solano and Edwin Castellanos 
  5. Tropical Dry Forests mapped for the first time &ndash Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa 
  6. Savannas & forests on the move &ndash forest- grassland ecosystem boundary dynamics in the Americas &ndash Guillermo Sarmiento 
  7. The interface of science and policy: an IAI-NCAR Colloquium provides perspective &ndash Zack Guido and Holly Hartmann 
  8. Staff updates
  9. IAI Outreach Publications
  10. Selected publications by IAI network scientists, Oct 2009-May 2010
  11. Upcoming IAI Meetings 2010