IAI Newsletter 1/2011

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  1. Editorial &ndash Paula Richter 
  2. Protecting biodiversity under climate change in the tropical Andes: a regional initiative led by the IAI
  3. Sea turtles, El Niño and jellyfish: considering climate variability for conservation of endangered species &ndash Hermes W. Mianzan and Alberto Piola
  4. IAI at UNFCCC in Cancun
  5. Reactions to the Nagoya protocol
  6. Promoting research integrity and ethics in Latin America
  7. IAI-ECLAC Training Institute on urban responses to climate change
  8. Seasonal climate forecasts and their application in multiple sectors in Latin America: outcomes from the IAI Training Institute &ndash María Elena Fernández Long, Cristina Recalde C., Juan A. Rivera, and Julián D. Rojo
  9. Internship program with CPTEC
  10. Protecting tropical dry forests
  11. People at the IAI Directorate