IAI Newsletter 1/2012

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  1. Editorial &ndash Holm Tiessen
  2. Three headquarters for the IAI &ndash M.V.Alves & T.KrugC.Ereñoand Press Dept, Ministry Foreign Affairs, Uruguay
  3. An anniversary with new directions &ndash Nicolas Lucas 
  4. Urban air quality and science-policy links &ndash Ana Murgida and Holm Tiessen 
  5. Framing science-policy liaison for IAI &ndash Nicolas Lucas 
  6. Moving science into the environmental decision-making arena through capacity building &ndash Marcella Ohira 
  7. IAI at Biodiversity talks in Hyderabad
  8. The IAI at a side event at Rio+20 for disaster risk reduction
  9. New IAI science programs