11th meeting of the EC – 7th meeting of the CoP 25-26 July 2000, Merida, Mexico

25-26 July 2000, Merida, Mexico

1. EC Agenda (English  Spanish)
2. CoP Agenda (English – Spanish)
3. Minutes of the 10th meeting of the Executive Council (English – Spanish)
4. Minutes of the sixth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (English – Spanish)
5. Report of the Executive Council Chair (English)
6. Report of the Director to the EC and the COP (English)
7. Scientific Progress of the Initial Science Program (English)
9. Report of the 12th meeting of the SAC (English)
10. Report of the 13th meeting of the SAC (English)
11. Report of the Financial and Administrative Working Group (English)
12. Training and education (English)
13. DIS (English)
14. Report of the Communications Task Force (English)
15 Core Budget (English – Spanish)
16. Annual program (English)
18. Vision and Strategy of IAI for the years ahead (English)
19. IAI Conflicts of Interest and Standards of Ethical Conduct (English – Spanish)
20. EC-11 – CoP-12 (English – Spanish)
21. CRN (English – Spanish)