2nd Initial Science Program (ISP 2)

ISP# Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participating Countries Budget (US$)
2015 Capacity building in atmospheric chemistry for developing countries EUGENE W. BIERLY 
ebierly_AT_agu.org USA American Geophysical Union USA 26,000
2032 Desertification and ecosystem processes: overgrazing; grass transpiration; and soil-water balance JAMES F. REYNOLDS
 james.f.reynolds_AT_duke.edu USA Duke University Argentina
,USA 85,000
2051 Global change effects on biodiversity and functioning manipulation of a keystone process OSVALDO E. SALA
 Osvaldo_Sala_AT_brown.edu Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina
, USA 90,000
2055 Climate variability and agriculture in Argentina and Uruguay: assessment of ENSO effects and perspectives for use of climate forecasts RAUL HOFSTADTER
 iaiuy_AT_attmail.com Uruguay Comisión Nacional Sobre el Cambio Global Argentina,
USA 70,000
2078 Links between coastal productivity; benthic communities and biogeographic boundaries in Chile and California SERGIO A. NAVARRETE
 snavarre_AT_bio.puc.cl Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile, 
USA 94,114
2082 The effect of UV-B radiation on salt-marsh vegetation along a latitudinal gradient EVAMARIA W. KOCH 
koch_AT_hpl.umces.edu USA University of Maryland Argentina, 
USA 94,989
2085 Coastal upwelling along the Western Americas: Past; present and future ALEXANDER VAN GEEN
 avangeen_AT_ldeo.columbia.edu USA Columbia University USA 117,000
2111 Precipitation in southeastern South America: influence of sea surface temperatures. Predictability and variability GABRIEL J. PISCIOTTANO
 gabrielp_AT_fing.edu.uy Uruguay Universidad de la República Argentina, 
USA 90,000
2112 Diagnosing; monitoring and predicting cold waves (Friagens) in the coffee growing areas of Southeastern Brazil DIANA RAIGOZA 
draigoza_AT_cptec.inpe.br Brazil Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais Argentina, 
USA 67,000
2124 Biophysical coupling in the pelagic ecosystem of the Southern California Current TIMOTHY M. BAUMGARTNER 
tbaumgar_AT_cicese.mx Mexico Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada Mexico, 
USA 100,000
2135 A South American network for the measurement of ultraviolet radiation MARIA VERNET
 mvernet_AT_ucsd.edu USA Scripps Institution of Oceanography Argentina, 
USA 115,000