2nd Collaborative Research Network Program (CRN 2)

2006 – 2012

The CRN 2 supported 13 projects. Building on previous programs, the CRN 2 continued to promote research cooperation and exchange of information in an integrated way through interdisciplinary studies and international networks involving at least 4 countries in each project. Based on the lessons learned in previous programs, the IAI Directorate started to promote interaction among the networks and the synthesis of results that would be useful to decision and policy makers.

CRN# Project Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participant Countries Budget (US$)
2005 From landscape to ecosystem: across-scales functioning in changing environments GUILLERMO SARMIENTO sguille_AT_ula.ve Venezuela Universidad de los Andes Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Venezuela 497,720
2014 Functional links between aboveground changes and belowground activity with land use in the Americas: Soil biodiversity and food security RICARDO L. LOURO BERBARA
Brazil Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, USA 751,250
2015 DIVERSUS: Functional biodiversity effects on ecosystem processes; ecosystem services and sustainability in the Americas: an interdisciplinary approach SANDRA MYRNA DIAZ sdiaz_AT_com.uncor.edu Argentina Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, USA, Venezuela 711,937
2017 SAEMC: South American emissions; megacities; and climate LAURA GALLARDO KLENNER lgallard_AT_dim.uchile.cl Chile Universidad de Chile Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, USA 961,700
2021 TROPI-DRY: Human; ecological and biophysical dimensions of tropical dry forests ARTURO G. SANCHEZ AZOFEIFA arturo.sanchez_AT_ualberta.ca Canada University of Alberta Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Venezuela 1,163,635
2031 Land use change in the Rio de La Plata Basin: Linking biophysical and human factors to predict trends; assess impacts; and support viable land-use strategies for the future ESTEBAN G. JOBBAGY jobbagy_AT_unsl.edu.ar Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, USA 965,652
2047 Documenting; understanding and projecting changes in the hydrological cycle in the American Cordillera BRIAN H. LUCKMAN luckman_AT_uwo.ca Canada University of Western Ontario Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, USA 756,000
2048 Tropical cyclones: current characteristics and potential changes under a warmer climate GRACIELA BINIMELIS RAGA raga_AT_servidor.unam.mx Mexico Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Costa Rica, Mexico, USA 372,000
2050 Paleotempestology of the Caribbean Region: A multi-proxy; multi-site study of the spatial and temporal variability of Caribbean hurricane activity KAM BIU LIU
USA Louisiana State University Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA 823,300
2060 Effective adaptation strategies and risk reduction towards economic and climatic shocks: Lessons from the coffee crisis in Mesoamerica EDWIN J. CASTELLANOS ecastell_AT_uvg.edu.gt Guatemala Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, USA 579,987
2061 Caribbean coastal scenarios: an integrated analysis of inland-coastal linkages to guide sustainable use and protection of coastal ecosystems ASSEFA MELESSE melessea_AT_fiu.edu USA Florida International University Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, USA 427,426
2076 SACC: An international consortium for the study of oceanic related global and climate changes in South America ALBERTO PIOLA apiola_AT_hidro.gov.ar Argentina Servicio de Hidrografía Naval Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, USA 927,706
2094 The impact of land cover and land use changes on the hydroclimate of the La Plata Basin ERNESTO HUGO BERBERY berbery_AT_atmos.umd.edu Argentina Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas Argentina, Brazil, USA 679,837