48th Meeting of the IAI Executive Council

7 June 2019, Brasilia, Brazil


Agenda and working documents

Agenda Item Document (PDF)
Friday 7 June, morning session (9:00-12:00)
1.  Approval of the agenda


(English - Spanish)

2.  Approval of the Decisions of EC-47 No document
3.  Review of CoP-27 items for action by the EC and implementation strategies for Decisions from EC-47 and CoP-27  IAI/COP/27/3/Approved
4.  Other decisions arising No document
5.  Future meetings and venues No document
6.  Closing remarks (Host Government, Parties, IAI Directorate) No document

Information documents







List of participants to the EC-48
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Final report

Report of the 48th meeting of the IAI Executive Council English - Spanish