Federal Global Change Research for the Next Decade: A Discussion of USGCRPs New 10-Year Strategic Plan

The White House Office of Science Technology Policy, alongside the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), is hosting a discussion on global change research priorities for the next decade. USGCRP leaders will unveil a new 10-year strategic research plan, which will serve as a comprehensive blueprint for producing the information that is urgently needed for the Nation and the world to address the causes and reduce the impacts of climate change and other global changes.

Climate change and the degradation of natural ecosystems are already having profound impacts on places and people everywhere – from farmers to fishers, healthcare providers to ecosystem managers, and community planners to small business owners. The Plan will enable our nation to collaboratively accelerate our understanding of our rapidly changing climate and other global changes and make information accessible and useful for decision making. The new Plan is organized around four pillars: Advancing Science, Engaging the Nation, Informing Decisions, and Collaborating Internationally.

USGCRP coordinates research across 13 Federal agencies and makes that research available to the Nation and the world.

Speakers Include: 


Jane Lubchenco
Deputy Director for Climate and Environment,
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Margaret Torn
Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
and the University of California-Berkeley

Katharine Hayhoe
Distinguished Professor, Texas Tech University
Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

James Rattling Leaf Sr.
Associate Researcher, University of Colorado-Boulder

Marcos Regis da Silva
Executive Director, Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

Anna Stewart-Ibarra
Scientific Director, Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

This event is open to Members of Press and the Public.