From data to action

From data to action: using science for sustainable development in Mexico

(with Spanish-English interpretation)


Moderator: Tereza Cavazos, Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada, Baja California


Sárah Martínez-Pellegrini, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

Daniel Hernández, Dirección de Educación Superior en el Estado de Baja California

Simone Lucatello, Instituto Mora


Researchers, policy and decision makers are concerned about the actions that need to be taken to reduce the risks associated with climate change. In this discussion, participants will discuss from the perspective of the IPCC's 6th Assessment Report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability that was published this year to introduce the public to the topic of governance for sustainable development.


The Climate Change Action Programs that have been developed in Mexico are examples of the dialogue that can take place between scientists and decision makers. From practical experience, we will learn examples of the actions that are necessary to transfer scientific information effectively so that is useful to society and the public sector in the area of sustainability.


In brief, the audience will learn about transforming the results of scientific information into long-term preventive action.

July 7



11h00 Tijuana

13h00 Bogota

15h00 Montevideo