IAI launches free MOOC on climate, environment and health

The IAI has recently launched the self-managed, open, and free course with certificate “Climate, Environment and Health for the Americas”. The course is aimed at both researchers and actors (including decision- and policy-makers, implementers, communities affected by policies, and practitioners), especially those interested in conducting transdisciplinary research on the nexus of climate, environment and health (CEH). 

The course is grounded in real-world examples of climate, environment and health challenges from the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, and provides critical tools and skills in transdisciplinary science and science communication. Participants may access individual course materials and recordings or complete the course to gain a certificate of completion of 40 hours of coursework. 

Learning materials include narrated slides, reflection activities, review questions and recommended readings. The course consists of the following five modules, each of which includes a science communication session:

  1. Introducing Transdisciplinary Research Approaches
  2. Doing Transdisciplinary Research
  3. Designing & Implementing Transdisciplinary Research Approaches
  4. Managing Transdisciplinary Teamwork
  5. Transdisciplinary Grant Writing, Assessment & Evaluation

The science communication sessions focus on: a) Challenges of and solutions for science communication; b) Quick guide to writing for a broad audience; c) Telling stories through data; d) How to explain science to a broad audience; and e) How is a public policy designed and how can I become a better advocate?

In each module, a case study from the LAC region highlighting the most critical CEH challenges and research innovations is presented and discussed. Examples of case studies include: 

  1. Co-creation of an early warning system for the health sector in the Caribbean
  2. Climate resilience in a Latin American city
  3. Building a climate and health community
  4. Climate change impacts, exposure and vulnerability
  5. The Belmont Forum funding mechanism and requirements

To learn more about the course, you may access the syllabus here  

To register for the course, please visit https://moodle.iai.int/


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