Leadership for Science Diplomacy Workshop

The Inter-American Network of Science Technology and Policy (STeP) Fellows will meet from 12-15 November 2022 in Punta del Este and Montevideo, Uruguay.  

The Leadership for Science Diplomacy Workshop will be the first in-person meeting of Generation 1 and 2 of the STeP program, after several sessions of virtual training of the STeP professional development program,  since the program's inception in 2020.  Over 45 Fellows from 11 nationalities in the Americas are invited to participate in the workshop and interact with each other and with world experts from the IAI Science Diplomacy Center Advisory Board.  

The workshop agenda is co-designed with the IAI STeP Fellows themselves with sessions tailored to combine subject matter experts with an interactive dynamic to crowdsource the Fellows' expertise, and experience working on the science-policy-diplomacy interface with their host organizations across the Americas.   The workshop will cover topics like:

Transdisciplinary Leadership

-Key tenets of the TD Approach will be presented in the context of the IAI’s 30 years of global change research.  This will include a discussion on methodologies for the decolonization of science and for the integration of other ways of knowing.   A panel of the Fellows themselves will share their work highlighting TD-relevant skills and experiences.  

-Leadership redefined- Fellows will bring their rich cultural and professional diversity and experience to the table and work together to create a manifesto that represents their definition of leadership.  This activity will include self-reflection on how each fellow plays a leadership role in science-policy-diplomacy today and in the future.

Science Diplomacy

-Simulation game related to an environmental change scenario in Latin America. 

-Behavioral Science for consensus building

-Career Pathways in Science Diplomacy

-Group work of 8 science diplomacy projects being developed by the 46 fellows, and Pitch presentations: Fellows will have the time and space to meet with their group members and continue working on their projects while also preparing a pitch to also practice their communication skills to the SDC Advisory Board for expert feedback and networking. This year’s 8 science diplomacy groups are working on the following topics:

  • Circular economy Approaches to Wastewater Treatment
  • Hydrogen for the Americas   
  • Stakeholder Engagement for Sharing Data at the Global Health-Climate Change Nexus
  • “30 X 30” conservation ambition in the Americas and the Science-Diplomacy opportunity for collective implementation
  • Lifecycle of clean Transportation and Energy/Mineral sources for climate change mitigation and public health improvement
  • Microplastic pollution and behaviourally aligned global action
  • Assessment of Green Infrastructure in Cities for Climate Change Resilience across LAC 
  • Towards a Climate Solidarity? Strategies for Knowledge-Sharing on Climate Justice

Registration is limited to individuals currently participating in the IAI STeP Fellowship Program.  For more information visit https://www.iai.int/en/step or email kportmess.step@dir.iai.int.