Main decisions adopted at IAI’s 29th Conference of the Parties (CoP29)

The 19 member countries of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI), met on June 22-23, 2021, for their annual meeting to review progress in reaching the decisions adopted the previous Conference of the Parties, agree on the new intersessional work plan, and discuss scientific and capacity building initiatives urgently needed in the region.

Among the decisions adopted is the revised IAI Scientific Agenda, aimed at innovating research in the region and globally by promoting and supporting transdisciplinary and transboundary research with an emphasis on open science and participation. The countries also adopted decisions to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the sciences and approved a policy to increase gender equity and gender mainstreaming in scientific research and training. In the 2021-2022 intersession period, IAI will be conducting a regional assessment –its first– to determine how governments use science in decision making.

During the meeting, Parties adopted the proposal Initiative for conducting a national climate assessment in support of adaptation and mitigation: Training and capacity building in Latin America and the Caribbean by the United States. The aim is to develop a partnership in the Americas to enhance countries’ capacity to conduct national climate assessments in order to support the development of national adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Finally, Governments adopted a Decision on predatory publishing, a growing threat to the open access publication model found in most countries of the IAI. Under this Decision, IAI Directorate, in collaboration with the Science Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Science-Policy Advisory Committee (SPAC), will work with national and international academies of science, scientific publishers, universities and other relevant partners to raise awareness of and prevent the growth of fraudulent and predatory publishing in the Americas.


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