Panama Declaration

Science Diplomacy in the Americas: Addressing Global Challenges

We, Representatives of the countries of the Americas present at the Science Diplomacy Forum in Panama, 16-21 October, 2023


We recognize that science diplomacy is a tool that contributes to bridging gaps in science, technology, and innovation, building bridges with public policies to influence relations in the Americas. From Panama, one of the first countries in Latin America to have a national science diplomacy strategy, we highlight the importance of regional and global collaboration in scientific research and innovation as a means to effectively address global challenges. To this end, it is crucial to promote the inclusion of underrepresented groups in science and diplomacy, encouraging their full participation in these fields following the 2017 Montevideo Strategy.

We understand that global changes and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda require continued capacity building and engagement of government officials, scientists, advisors, and civil society in the Americas to support evidence-informed public policies. Given that we live in a time when informed policy is crucial, it is imperative that the scientific community, diplomats, and policy makers collaborate closely. We stress the importance of effective communication of science, including all its disciplines, to society and decision-makers, promoting science outreach and open science.

We believe that science, technology, and innovation are fundamental pillars for addressing regional challenges to global change and that investment in scientific research and development is essential to address current and future challenges. We recognize the importance of science diplomacy, promoting collaboration with other countries, regions and diverse stakeholders.

We encourage the development of transdisciplinary networks that address the relationship between science, diplomacy, and public policy according to the needs of the regional context through capacity building, cooperation in the face of global challenges, and resource mobilisation. Science diplomacy in the Americas should have an international, interdisciplinary, intercultural, intersectoral, and inclusive approach.

We emphasize that only through the adoption of policies informed by scientific evidence that considers socio-cultural, economic and political aspects can we make effective and efficient decisions that have a real and sustainable impact on our societies and the environment.

We emphasize that outreach and education are fundamental to promote a scientific culture, transparency, and trust in scientific and governmental institutions. We urge States to build capacity, governance, and mechanisms to enable the development of sustainable science diplomacy initiatives.

We commit to work together in a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, seeking science-informed solutions to the global challenges we face. We commit to foster collaboration between governments and diverse stakeholders in collaborative projects that contribute to resolving these challenges for the benefit of our societies and the planet.

Panama, 21 October 2023

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