Project Briefs - The role of ecosystem services in adaptation to global change for human wellbeing (SGP-HW)

The Small Grants Program “The role of ecosystem services in adaptation to global change for human wellbeing” (SGP-HW) recognizes that the interactions between ecosystem services, human needs and human effects on ecosystems as a core global change issue requiring social-ecological integration in research and decision making.

To improve public awareness and provide scientific information to governments for the development of public policy relevant to global change, the IAI Directorate and the Small Grant Program transdisciplinary research teams drafted project briefs synthesizing and providing links to videos and scientific and non-scientific publications. Each brief includes contact information of each Principal Investigator and a useful infographic.

The following briefs are available for download:

1. MAP-FIRE: Multi-Actor Adaptation Plan to cope with Forests under Increasing Risk of Extensive fires (SGP-HW 016)
2. Transforming water governance in South America: from reaction to adaptation and anticipation (SGP-HW 056)
3. Small-scale Fisheries and Marine Ecosystem Services: Adaptation and Transformation to Secure Human Wellbeing (SGP-HW 017)
4. Improving the governance of the floodplain in over-built river basins (SGP-HW 091)
5. Socio-ecological resilience in the face of global environmental change in heterogeneous landscapes – building a common platform for understanding and action (SGP-HW 090)
6. Incorporating Local and Traditional Knowledge Systems: New Insights for Ecosystem Services and Transdisciplinary Collaborations (SGP-HW 072)

Further information on team composition and publications may be found at: